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The goats  were started by June in 2006, with the purchase of a small dairy herd.  The intention was to produce milk and dairy products.  It was realised early on that this as far as time was concerned would not be viable.  An article was seen about the increasing popularity of goat meat and Boer goats, and the decision was made to move to this type of goat for meat production.  3 years on and much research later, Ron (Janus Rum), a 100% Boer goat was bought from Tiff and Judith Hall in Norfolk.  He was lightly set to work, and is now a fully-fledged stud goat!  The kids on the ground so far are very well fleshed and strong.  We are now moving on to searching for our next stud goat!


An article in the Journal is helping to raise the profile of goatmeat :


The award winning Raval Indian Restaurant in Low Fell, Gateshead has found our goatmeat is excellent quality, tender and tasty, locally sourced, as well as being very popular! :



Goatmeat (chevon) is becoming increasingly popular in this country as it is a tender meat, similar to lamb or beef but slightly more gamey.  It is low in cholesterol and saturated fat, high in iron and B vitamins, and healthier than chicken.  It is said to make up 80% of the meat consumed in the world.  Recently it has enjoyed a high media profile, both on the radio and television.






Goatmeat needs to be cooked more slowly, and kept moist during cooking so that it does not dry out.  It makes fantastic roasts and casseroles, is very popular around the Mediterranean, as well as the better known Curry Goat!  We have various cuts available such as diced bone in/joints/chops or even a whole goat to spit roast!


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       75g  roasted       Calories                Fat(g)   Saturated fat(g)            Protein(g)